alan tani @ fishing reel repair rebuild tutorial San Diego Tuna (Rods & Reels)
Reel Repair by Alan Tani
July 15, 2020, 09:11:34 AM *
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Author Topic: San Diego Tuna (Rods & Reels)  (Read 14786 times)
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« Reply #15 on: September 19, 2012, 09:39:05 PM »

Keta he is looking for gear to purchase for a fall/winter 7 day trip where 40 lb will most often be used. I'd say get loaner gear for cows from the boat and purchase the other gear because you can use it on all kinds of trips. I have to agree with John as everybody that long ranges or keeps a eye on it knows 2005 was a banner year for cow sized fish, years like that happen once or twice in a lifetime and are far from the norm.
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I agree whole-heartedly with SoCal regarding renting/borrowing the heavy cow tuna gear and purchasing the other gear (as much as you can afford).  Ive been lucky enough to borrow an International 50II for when needed and put it on my own cow rod (old-school short rod). The largest reel to-date for me is my Avet Pro EX which I fished with 60# line. Now thanx to Alan's tutorial I can fish it heavier within the limits of line capacity. Im in the process of updating rods/reels now and the cow gear is at the bottom of the list because its the most expensive and least used (Long Range only).

As SoCal stated, aside from fishing for cow tuna you'll use 40# like we use 20# for local fishing. Id have one 40# two-speed lever drag, a 40# star drag, maybe even an extra 40# outfit cause you WILL use the heck out of them. Id only bring one 20# rig if you stop someplace for Calico bass (they arent line shy as they are here in So Cal), and a 50/60# rig.  If your NOT a youngster you may want to consider rail rods for your 40# and up class rods.

You stated this will be your first LR trip; my suggestion is to get the gear that you can, rent/borrow the rest AND ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF YOURSELF.  i stayed on the stern for darn near a whole day on the way down to Alijos and on the way back watching the ocean and saw things Id seen filmed by Jacques Cousteau (my childhood hero) that I had dreamed of seeing. We spent a day fishing the Banks and I had fished so long I was casting and saw the Sun rising over my shoulder and the Moon setting on the horizon. How do you beat that as a fisherman?  The bottom line is when you get back home fishing local you will notice how much better a fisherman you are and you get better after every long range trip. You'll also know what gear you want and how well it wil hold up. For one thng about Alijos Rocks fishing is I dont think any fish pull harder (pound for pound)!

Lee, those cows are nice but my favorite fish is wahoo, and thats a beauty you caught.

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