Makaira 50W angular contact bearing mod

Started by limitdown, March 26, 2013, 02:33:49 PM

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Is there a design difference between Makaira 50 and 50W apart from the topless frame of 50? I was planning to get a 50II but if 50W II has better bearings, I would go for 50W II

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virtually no difference at all.  the makaira 50 will hold 700 yards of 130 pound braid.  if you need more line capacity that than, go for the wide version!!!! ;D
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My Penn 50 SW had around 850 yd of 65# JB Solid and 350yd of 50# Ande Monster topshot with room for another 100-150yd. I guess it will fit the 50II. If I have to remove 100yd topshot, 1100 yd line is still way more I can wind in a single go (even with no fish on!)

I guess I'll stick with 50II. After all, 'Topless' sounds and looks romantic! :D

I live 'fishing'!