TUTORIAL: Shimano 2500FH

Started by BigT, April 19, 2010, 11:21:27 PM

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Just wanted to again thank you for this wonderful post. I just stripped down my 2500FH which had not seen any detailed maintenance except light oiling through the "maintenance port" since my Dad gave it to me maybe 8 years ago. It runs almost like new again.




just for further information with the Stradic's.

The worm drive pawl bush and the rear of the worm drive shaft bushes can both be replaced with a bearing.

Worm drive pawl bearing
ID 2mm
OD 5mm
Width 2.5mm

Worm drive shaft bearing
ID 3mm
Width 2.5mm

Wont add to smoothness as its a older reel, however will add to future longevity. I have the same Stradic in the 4000 FH and its a very tidy reel!


So glad I found this tutorial, wasn't under spinning reels but came up when I googled 2500fh schematic.......  anyway I just now found one of these reels (attached to a rod) while diving in my favorite lake. Was seized up, full of silt and sand. I got it apart just now and see the rubber friction ring was all wadded up and in pieces, (which is why it was seized) other than that i think a good cleaning and some grease/oil will have it as good as new. All the bearings responded well to being cleaned, no rust inside I can see. Exterior finish is good save for the "brass" coated bits are now discolored.

I should have taken some before/after pics, too late now.  I think somebody must have left it unattended with baited line in the water. The rod was in about 20' of water, wedged between some boulders, line was wrapped around a log and no longer had any hook/lure.  This lake certainly has fish big enough to take a rod for a swim. Could have been dropped from a boat- but that doesnt make for as good a story. I think it had been in the water for a while, the cork handle has rotted a way a bit.   


Heh-heh goes to show you Freshwater is good for your reel!  ;D


Big T.

Excellent tutorial, after seeing this I thread I decided to try my hand at rehabbing a Stradic 8000FH and Sustain 8000FD that were used hard in salt water charters for several years with no maintenance then put away for 8 years. When I started working on them 2 weeks ago, they were both seized so the hardest part of my project was disassembly without damage. While working on the reels, it occurred to me that just about all the parts are interchangeable. The only differences I notice in the two reels are the main gear, handle, spool, and exterior finish. 

Both the Sustain and Stradic side covers were eat up behind the rear protector, especially the sustain cover so they needed to be replaced. I could not find a direct replacement Sustain 8000 FD side cover but found two Stradic 8000FH covers for a decent price on Ebay so now I have a Sustain/Stradic 8000 hybrid.

After a very good cleaning and a few other replacement/upgraded parts, both reels are now smooth as silk and better than new for a fraction of their original purchase price.


Great work on the hybrid Frankenstein reel.  I like it!



Your tutorials are awesome. By far the best.

Thank you!


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