FOR SALE: Taku Reel Repair Rebuilt Reels For Sale

Started by akfish, January 02, 2011, 11:22:38 PM

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Hi Guys -- I have several rebuilt reels for sale in my shop, Taku Reel Repair, in Juneau, Alaska. Most of what I have are Penn salmon and halibut reels. Just now I have several 209s ($40) and 309s ($45) as well as some 49s ($60) and other models. All reels are completely rebuilt, have new carbon fiber HT-100s greased with Cal's Grease, and come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Drop me a note at if you are interested.
Taku Reel Repair
Juneau, Alaska


We've transacted....and the reels are as good as, or better than advertised. Thanks !!!!  KD.


Thanks for the kind words, Ken. As you know, all reels that I work on are guaranteed to catch fish so don't keep any more than you need <g>. And while I'm here: I have several more reels for sale in the shop: Charter Special 2000 ($75), Penn 320 ($60), Penn 330 ($65), Penn 113H ($75), Penn 209 ($40), Penn 309($45), and Penn 49 ($60). All are completely rebuilt with greased carbon fiber drags, etc.
Taku Reel Repair
Juneau, Alaska

Irish Jigger

Those are great prices for rebuilt reels. Wished I lived a little closer akfish.



Interested in the Charter Special 2000 and maybe the 209.  Is the Charter special the one I saw on flea bay?  How would you take payment? Thanks.



AK, I have a 320 GTI I got from you I might have to send back under warranty, my luck was a little slow last silver season.... Just kidding, I've gotten a couple reels from AK, and been very satisfied with them....and it turns out one of my fishing buddies has gotten some salmon plugs from him...
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Where is your shop AKFish, I get to Juneau fairly regularly and would like to stop by on one of my trips.  Ken

Newell Nut

I have bought from AKfish before and all good stuff. He does good work.