Hulicat Crab and Rockfish Nov. 23rd Hulicat

Started by theswimmer, November 05, 2020, 04:22:12 PM

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El Pescador

Quote from: Donnyboat on November 26, 2020, 07:51:27 AM
Did the 3 ladies catch any fish, & Wayne thanks for your report & pics, good value. cheers, Don.


YES< the young lady ON HER FRIST DROP, came up with 2 nice size Vermillion Rockfish, or RED's as we call them.  She was taking photos after the catch with everyone, plus when getting off the boat, spectators on the wharf asked about her day, and out come the two RED's for more photos!!!!

BTW, Vermillion rockfish make the BEST Fish Taco Tuesday's FOR SURE!!!!!  You make it to the states, I'll take you fishing!!!!!

Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!


Thanks Wayne, not to sure if We will ever get to the States or not, we have an island over here called Rottnest island, it is only 12 miles from the Capital, Perth, my gran children fly all over the world, I tell them they must be rich, as I cant even afford to fly over seas to Rottnest, thanks for the invite, keep well stay safe, cheers Don.
Don, or donnyboat


I woke today and suddenly nothing happened.

El Pescador


This video was shot just a few days ago, with guys surf'n the Maverick's HUGE waves!!!!  

AND the water is COLD!!!!   48 -50 degrees.


Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!

David Hall

we were outpulling crab pots while this was going on a few days ago.  it was quite a view from the water. of course I didnt take the boat up close. we watched from a safe distance as we motored in.


Tanks Wayeno,  I liked your story and piks.......You Need To Mention Jennifer As The Best Wife Ever.....Every time she lets you go out of the roost she knows you will sleep well tonite.... ;D     and thanks for the piks.   :-*

El Pescador

Thanks Gary for your kind comments!!!!   

Check out the Pacifica Pier this week!!!   WOW!!!!!

The cafe at the Pacifica Pier, man, I hope your scrambled eggs DON'T GET WET!!!!!

Check out the pier, it is 12-14' above the surface of the ocean.

I think I'll have breakfast at home!!!!!

Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!


Wow ,   great pictures of the wharf ,  if i remember there is a marina down there?  ??? Is this extra ordinary?  Things down there are not really permanent are they?  This is good for the economy possibly in several ways and am glad i,m not envolved with the Maiko. :o

El Pescador


You are as perceptive as you are good looking ;D

And you are exactly correct, SIR!!!

We had a KING TIDE hit the SF Bay area this week, +6.9 Feet!!!  THAT's BIG!!!!   -  King Tides along the Oregon Coast

And Gary, I'll be bringing my Penn 349H reel to your area & Glacier Bay NP next summer, The Good Lord Will'n, to add to the fish species I caught on this reel.  Let's start planning NOW!!!


Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!