Shimano Baitrunner 4000D Tutorial [Picture intensive]

Started by Quoc_Pham, August 21, 2014, 07:58:43 PM

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Here it is... my THIRD reel ever taken apart. A spinner with BaitRunner feature.

This might be a little too in depth but I figured more info was better than none. Enjoy, and comment below!

A few tools used in this reel.
12mm Deep Socket
Stubby Flat head
Yamaha Blue Marine Grease (In a glass jar and in syringe)
Cal's Drag Grease
TSI 321 Lube
Set of precision screwdrivers
#1 Phillips screwdriver

A Baitrunner 4000D slightly used for one season.

Start by unscrewing the drag knob (#13523)

The knob and spool should come off easy.

Remove drag washer retainer clip (#2264)

Shimano came with carbontex drags from the factory (Note they are ungreased from Shimano).
I went ahead and ordered some from Dawn anyway, support local businesses! (and save these as a backup)

Go ahead and service the underside of the spool, clean, grease. Remove the screw holding in the spring with a #1 phillips.
When installing the clicker, and spring, make sure the prongs of the spring sit into the recessed portion POINTING DOWN.
NOTE: Do not overtighten the screw holding the spring in.

Next I took off the handle (#13542) and screw cover (#13563) to make handling the reel easier.

Remove the spool washers (#3503) next. Becareful these can break. I had two thin washers and one thick washers. [Shimano says there could be differences in the washers]
Note the gear has the chamfered side up (smooth rounded side).

Using a #1 phillips, remove the smaller screw (#5880) that is covering the counterweight (#15327) and larger locking screw (#787)
Again, note the counterweight has the chamfered side up (they're always up).
Remove rotor nut (#71) with a 12mm deep socket.

The entire bailing assembly can now come off in one piece.
The roller bearing assembly (#13444) has 5 screws on there. Only remove the 3 larger screws (#4798)

This was a bit tricky, after the roller bearing came off a small washer and a thick spacer came off. These parts are not in the Baitrunner Schematic from Shimano.
The bearing can come off next (#13374) and pinion gear (#13536)

Remove the Baitrunner arm screws (#13620) and (#7419)(#2613 Lock Washer)
The arm will come off in 3 pieces (#13543/13544/13562)
Remove the 4 screws on the side of the reel. [Note the upper right screw is different] 3x (#642) and 1x (#6597)
Then the side cover (#13541) can come off.

Remove screw (#3747) and oscilating slider retainer (#1345)

Remove the bearing (#13241) [Note: Don't get this confused with the main shaft bearing, similar in size]
Remove screw (#3747) and oscilating slider retainer (#13545)
Then pull out the main shaft (#13526)

Remove drive gear (#13539)
Remove the oscilating slider (#13546)
Remove the oscilating gear (#13547) [Becareful underneath this gear there is a ratchet spring (#13548) and oscilating ratchet (#13549)

Remove the bearing (#13241) from the main body
Lift the baitrunner dial retainer out (#13556)
Remove screw (#3492) and dial click (#13559)

Remove the dial clicker (#13559) and screw (#3492).
Then remove the top half of the dial retainer (#13556)
Followed by screw (#3600) that holds the dial click holder (#13560)
Lastly rotate the other half of the dial retainer around with a pointy object or precision screwdriver and remove (#13557)

Remove C-clip (#2918)
Remove Baitrunner ratchet (#13555)
Then remove clutch arm assembly (#13550/13552/13553) and spring (#13551)
[Not Pictured] Remove the other roller bearing (#13241) from the body.

Lift up the spring (#5850), then lift and remove the BaitRunner Pawl(#13558)

Now the BaitRunner drag assembly and dial can come out of the shell.

Remove the Anti-Reverse lever (#13538) by removeing scrwe (#9872)
Then the screw (#10404) that holds the Bail Trip Strike (#13537)

The friction ring (#13010) can come off now and the entire body is bare.
Next we'll work on the bail assembly.

Remove the screw (#7469) for the bailing arm and keep in order the contents of the spacers etc.
Then remove the two side covers (#13533/13534) and screws (#3492/3402).

Remove bail spring guide (#7787) and bail spring lever (#13531) and associated parts (#10391/10756/10753/10752)
Don't forget the clicker (#9841) and spring (#8916)

Now that everything is apart! Let's put it all back together.
Clean the body (#13561) of the reel and lube it up!
Also clean and drip a dab of TSI321 on the bearing (#13241)
Install it into the body (#13561)
And reinstall the anti-reverse assembly (#10367/11080/13538/9872)

Reinstall the BaitRunner pawl (#13558) and spring (#5850) assembly. The end of the spring sits on the peg.
It's a bit hard to see, but the clutch arm assembly goes together with the chamfered side up and the clutch cam (#13553) should mate up together
And reinstall the clutch arm and spring as such.

Reassemble and grease the BaitRunner drag stack.
NOTE: The eared washer (#13567), the long tab should stick into the body of the reel. You will see this in the next few photos, please ignore it.
The dimpled BaitRunner Dial retainer should be on the bottom and the eared retainer installed on top. Remember install the bottom one and rotate it with a screwdriver.

Reinstall the BaitRunner Ratchet assembly starting with the spacer (#13554) then Ratchet (#13555) and C-Clip (#2918)
Next the Dial Click Holder (#13560) with screw (#3600)
Afterwards the Dial Click (#13559) and screw  (#3492) can be installed.

Grease and install the "Ninja Star" in the orientation shown on the backside of the oscilating ear (#13547)
Note the orientation of the Oscilating Gear in relation to the Drive Gear (#13539). Alignment is crucial.
Install the two gears as shown and install oscilating slider (#13546)

Go ahead and reinstall the main shaft (#13526) being careful not to rotate the main gear.
Then install the retainer clip (#13545) and screw (#3747)
Install pinion gear  (#13536)
Install two shims (#11146) and bearing (#13241) [after it has been cleaned and dabbed with TSI321] onto gear (#13539)

Reinstall main shaft bearing (#13374) and the mystery spacer and washer.
Grease the inside cover for the reel body, install, and grease the holes.

Reinstall the 4 screws holding the cover, and remember the shorter screw goes where th BaitRunner lever is.
Reinstall the baitrunner lever with the two screws and washer.
Then reinstall the roller bearing assembly, and note the alignment with the anti-reverse lever.

Back to the bail assembly.
Start by installing the Bail Trip Lever (#13531)
Followed by the Bail Spring Seat (#10756), Bail Spring Guide A (#7787) and the washer (#10752) and spring (#10753) that go with it.
Don't forget the clicker (#9841) and clicker spring (#8916)
[Note: It's going to take some finesse go aline the bail spring guide]
Reattach the bail arm (#13532) using screw (#786) and washer (#7927)

Reinstall both side covers
Reinstall bail arm and screw (not pictured).
Then layout the line guide, screws, and washers in this orientation.

The bail arm should be complete now
Install the 12mm nut onto the pion gear
Install counterweight and lock screw that holds the nut in place.
Install the spool suppoert (#2516) and 3x spool washers (#3503)

The top set of drags are Shimano drags vs. Smooth Drag on the bottom. Not much of a difference but there was slight wear on the Shimano drags since they weren't greased.
Grease the spool and the drags.

Install the drag stack and retainer clip.
Inside the drag knob (#13523) there is a spring, and a clicker. Remove the retaining clip and disassemble.

Grease the underside of the knob, reinstall clicker spring, the drag spring, cover, and retainer clip.
Screw it back onto your spool and you're done!


It's all done! Comment, suggestions, constructive criticism is welcomed.





For a "3rd" reel to work on you picked on of the more complicated reels. Not as bad as the original Baitrunner but my hat's off to you for a great tutorial..!!

Wonderful post..
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NICE!!!  I moved it to where it should be and made it sticky.
Hi, my name is Lee and I have a fishing gear problem.

I have all of the answers, yup, no, maybe.

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Quote from: handi2 on August 23, 2014, 08:10:40 PM
For a "3rd" reel to work on you picked on of the more complicated reels. Not as bad as the original Baitrunner but my hat's off to you for a great tutorial..!!

Wonderful post..

The pictures and write up took more time than to service the reel  ;D
I don't think the reels are hard to service, you just have to be organized... and not lose parts  :P

Quote from: Keta on August 23, 2014, 08:29:02 PM
NICE!!!  I moved it to where it should be and made it sticky.

Now I know for next time.


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Great job Quoc - well done.
These tutorials take a lot of time and effort, and this is a cracker!
All the best, Justin
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Quote from: redsetta on August 25, 2014, 04:15:47 AM
Great job Quoc - well done.
These tutorials take a lot of time and effort, and this is a cracker!
All the best, Justin

The multitude of pictures was a little overwhelming. So many more parts in a spinner vs. star drag conv.


One of the best Tutorials I have seen great photos and detail
thanks Jon


good stuff
pic with a schematic alongside
very impressive and smart


Quote from: wallacewt on August 25, 2014, 06:18:22 AM
good stuff
pic with a schematic alongside
very impressive and smart

Thanks! I started looking at some threads when I was doing my tutorials and got fedup that I had to switch back and fourth (since my wife stole my second computer monitor). Then it gave me the idea

Alto Mare

Very nice Job Quoc, it's very hard for me to believe that this is your third reel. :-\
Nevertheless, excellent! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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