Shimano Baitrunner 4000D Tutorial [Picture intensive]

Started by Quoc_Pham, August 21, 2014, 07:58:43 PM

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WOW - VERY IMPRESSIVE !!!  you inspire me to tackle my own Shimonstrosity -- rear drag AND worm gear AND smaller 2500-size AND it's an old JDM, so I'll be working w/ the original Japanese paper schematic & magnifier   ::)


"This was a bit tricky, after the roller bearing came off a small washer and a thick spacer came off. These parts are not in the Baitrunner Schematic from Shimano."

the thin "small washer" is a shim -- presence/absence/thickness/number of shims is a variable that often doesn't match schematics

the "thick spacer" is considered part of the roller bearing assembly (#13444) -- hence no part# & absent from schematic -- it's what the rollers "grab" to stop the rotor, so it has to be a matched set.  I can imagine the tiniest variation in diameter being a major issue, but I've been pretty lucky swapping ones that look the same among different Shimano's without problems.  On the other hand, I had to learn the hard way to reinstall that puppy "fat side up" -- a picture in the schematic could have saved me some grief.


sorry to resurrect this old there an updated tutorial without the photobucket restrictions on seeing the pictures?  I need to fix my baitrunner 4000.


you can right-click on the blurry photo & open it in another tab/window in PB (clear; no PB logo)

if you're lucky, all the photos in original poster's PB album are in order (w/ possible extra's)
& you can scroll around in PB, while popping over to AT for the text

otherwise, you have to do the right-click maneuver fo every photo

Pezcarrete Reparaciones

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this picture heavy post!!!!

It totally help me today in positioning the springs and a couple of other parts.

you ROCK


Glad it helped! I only did this once or twice... and vowed never to do it again lol... maybe a video is more helpful but this was done quite a few years ago.



Amazing how the years go by!
It remains an impressive piece of work Quoc.
All the best, Justin
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