Fin Nor LT 100

Started by Shark Hunter, February 25, 2016, 02:04:11 PM

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Shark Hunter

I have been putting off getting one of these for a while. For a $100 Bill. I think its a good investment. Tony Hawk gave it a great review and I see why. This reel feels solid. That is a 650 ss next to it .
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Nice, let us know how you like it.  Is your thought to use it like you use your 9500ss?  Are they a similar size?  It looks quite a bit larger than the 650ss.
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Shark Hunter

I will compare it to a 9500 Dan, but this reel puts out 45lb of drag.
I think I'll still use my 9500 for surf casting, but I would like to Kayak this one out to see what it can do.
That is a ridiculous amount of drag for a $100 spinner.
I gave more than that for any of my 9500's.
Not knocking them. I bought another one yesterday. ;D
Here is a Video of Josh Jorgenson and his buddy's catching Blacktips using this same reel.
I don't know this guy. My son sent me this. He has a pretty big following. Just not by me.

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These are solid, good value reels.

Personally, I know there are a few finish issues on these, and maybe the handles could be a little stronger -- but overall, I have less issues with these at a little over $100 -- then I do with putting a $1300 Stella on the South end of a fishing stick.

Only thing to recommend would be a good, and complete fishing Pre-Service in strategic areas to give it more protection, performance, and longevity.

Like Alan Tani, Alan Hawk (at least to me) is not right all of the time for my particular fishing applications.

But, likely right on around 95% of their reviews -- and that is closer than I could come.


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Careful with the heavy drag. There have been numerous reports of snapped stems.

The handle has to be cranked without any outward pull or "snap".

Bail wires may need to be tacked in with epoxy.

Still remarkably capable for ~$100.  ;)



ive been researching/deciding on either one of these, or a Cabo. Price is just right lol


The Cabo PTSE 100 is 2x+ more than the LT100...but is it 2x the reel? Probably not, but the Cabo does have some nice refinements.

If I had the $$$ just burning in my pocket, yeah, I'd go with the Cabo instead of my two LT100's...


Interesting video Daron - I follow the BlackTip guys on FB, some of them are pretty hardcore sharkers.  Thanks for sharing that.

Curious to see the hurtin' you put on that reel!  Whats your plan for spooling?
Dan from Philadelphia...

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Shark Hunter

Still kicking that one around Dan.
Probably 80 lb Braid for backing.
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This is a size comparison with 9500SS
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I would definitely go with the Cabo's over these reels. They are more "refined". I've had them all and stuck with the Cabo PTSE80. This is if money wasn't the biggest concern.

The Fin Nor is a beast. Big and heavy..
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Alto Mare

Quote from: basto on February 26, 2016, 12:18:32 AM
This is a size comparison with 9500SS

I'll bet if you start fresh with both reels being in new condition, after 30+ years only one of them will look the same :)

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I wouldn't hesitate to fish either reel.

The pinion gear on the LT-100 is supported at either end, versus only at the top on the Penn--making for less wear on the pinion bearing.

Bet if you kept the drag on the Lethal in line with the stock Penn, i.e. 20 lbs. and under, it would have a fighting chance at lasting as long.



So it is quite big, agreed fish it 25 lbs and under it should last forever!  Biggest spinner I've ever seen though is the SSV 10500, makes the 9500ss look like a child's play toy.
Dan from Philadelphia...

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Alto Mare

That 100  is a nice reel for the money.
I agree with you Chad about the pinion being supported from both ends, I also like the shaft going through the body, as the 9500, but it shares the same problem.
The inner side of the pinion will eventually wear a doesn't take much to make the spool wobble a bit. It doesn't happen quick though.
A stainless steel shaft should glide on a stainless steel pinion that would cure the problem...just my opinion.


I just checked the schematic and the pinion is stainless steel, very nice...scratch my comment above.
Nice package, if the parts availability would last for a while, this would be a great investment.
Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.