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Started by alantani, December 07, 2008, 04:35:21 PM

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  < I caught this here Pelaggica Istiophorus on My Beloved 50H (30# / Heavy mono bait leader) some years back . I've always had good stopping power ( and 300H) with Them ~  Wahoo, YT + YF . They've held up for me where I've seen Large Wahoo Literally Burn + blow-out the Sideplates on Jigmaster 500's .


Quote from: ReelFishingProblems on January 18, 2018, 11:51:56 PMNow if I could just get the Sealine to look as pretty as a custom 4/0

I'll take "Solid Performance" over "Good Looks", any day !

Like the song says . . .

Tight Lines !



  ez2cdave ~ I Dig that Kookoo " Racha Style " Version , Awesome + true

( I used to live with an 11 ~ a few years before I caught that Istiophorus ,  but it was Too Much Maintenance )


Going to pull my 50H out of the closet and tear it apart again.
Now that i've worked on a few more reels, it's time to look at free spool time.

Desert Guy

Well last week my son picked one of these up and we both used it on yellowfin up to about 20#'s. The reel performed flawlessly and cast well using 100gram butterfly jigs and we managed  quite a few fish.
Only mishap was during a cast the rod slipped from his grip and went for a ride down deep, to the end of the line that was on the reel. Just as it went in we snagged the line but with the reel in free spool it took about 20 minutes of pulling in the line hand over fist to retrieve the rod and reel.
So now we will get it broken down and cleaned which brings me to my question of whether to upgrade the drag washers and if so which ones to get?