makaira 8 II rebuild - 3/4/2011

Started by alantani, March 04, 2011, 06:37:27 AM

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naw, not enough room.  you probably can leave it be.  remember, they have 5 year warranties.  alan
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I threw this post here because I went by this tutorial.
I just broke down my nib MK 15II
reel # 30
It was spooled with JB when I recieved it. About 21 seconds freespool out of the box.
I followed the tutorial but left the right side alone.
First time opening a metal shielded bearing ???
It took a while to build up the testicular fortitude to push hard enough to get the point of a hook in there.
After finally getting the first side, the rest went much easier.
The bearings had grease on both sides. But I cleaned them out and lubed with Xtreme reel.
The drag washer looked evenly greased, maybe a touch of excess on the sides. I still lathered it up and wiped it down again.
Got it all back together, I don't know how many pounds of drag I put on it. I went as high as I could barely turn the reel with my hand at strike.
2:20 freespool!
I will probably put this reel on an Okuma Cedros Speed Jig CJ-C-601-XH
Cod season over here opens in about a month
Fish ON


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Check your freespool after a couple weeks using the Xtreme Reel.  It offer very fast times initially, but dies down quickly.. :|
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You are quite right.
I havn't even used the reel. Lubed it about a week ago and I just timed it again.. dropped down to 1 minute  >:(

How does the TSI 301 compair after a couple of weeks in the reel??


in my reels, the tsi has been good for a year!
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How well does it cast?  You may not have had a chance to field test the 8II but you used the 10II on a trip (I believe) how did that one cast?

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never got a chance to fish with it.  that opportunity will come up at the end of july.  the 10 was ok, but not great.  it was just a larger spool.  the makaira 8 should be fine.  the spool will be quite a bit lighter. 
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Alan, Looks like you my get you 8's in July. Okuma just announced they will be out.

Mr GreenJeans

I just bought a Makaira 10 to try out.  Of course the first thing I did was break it down to do the pre-use service.  However, I ran into a problem with getting the drag knob assembly (key 600) off.  I backed out the three screws from the reel right side plate, and then unscrewed the drag knob.  And unscrewed, and unscrewed, and unscrewed.  Try as I might I could not get the spool assembly off the right side plate.  What am I missing here?


push down and unscrew.  you should feel the preset knob it the top of the threads.  then pull it apart,  you have to tug a little. 
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Mr GreenJeans

Thanks Alan.  That did the trick.


I just rebuilt mine over the weekend. I have to mention that you said that yours only contained only eight belleville washers. Mine did have 10 washers and the Makaira 8 schematic also shows 10. Here is a picture of it. Three of the washers are still on the shaft:



yeah, i dunno....  they must have made some mid course changes.
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thanks for the great tutorial of the Mak 8 II. I used it to open up my Mak 10 II.
A "picky" comment regarding picture number 22 with the below caption (sorry but I don't know how to attach the picture).
"the drag washer assembly features a carbon fiber drag washer (key #611) sandwiched between two stainless steel key washers (key #612).  the drag washer already has a coat of cal's grease.  if you find excess in your reel, clean it away with a clean cloth.  excess grease might slow down freespool.  the pinion guard bearing (key #910-447) measures 6x15x5mm.  let's pack it with grease and reassemble the drag washer assembly.  "

The steel washers (key #612) is not symmetrical on both sides. The inner center of the washers are thicker on one side. (that part of the washers presses against the waved washer (key #209) in between. I cannot tell from the picture if you have turned the left washer on the picture upside down or if it is oil/gease leftovers. Anyway, just a heads up to avoid confusion.

The reason why I opened up my Mak 10 was because at really light drag settings the drag was a bit jerky. After opening up the drag assembly my amateurish guess is it is because of the waved washer. If you only apply light drag pressure then you can "feel" the waved washer between the steel washers. Cant see any other reason.

One thing I did notice was the quality of the drag washer. Small black particles kept coming off and it didn't have the same nice wickered structure as the ones from Smoothdrag. So most likely in a few years the parts that will need replacement will be the drag washer and maybe a bearing or two..