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Started by Alto Mare, November 09, 2017, 04:01:34 AM

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joe k

hey sal and tommy pictures you can see ring on bottom of spools..the 200 spool has nothing in it the 2 100 spools do..and you can see the screw khob on the 200 and 1-100 not the other..didnt know what it was that i can replace material with on spools...must have been to keep particles out is my thought?...let me know what your"s are..


Quote from: joe k on February 06, 2020, 08:32:48 PM
didnt know what it was that i can replace material with on spools
I don't know about the crack, but many reels with that spool brush thing have two tiny holes in the groove.  The wire on a small brush (that looks like an extra small pipe cleaner) is inserted into one hole, the brush is wrapped around the spool and the other end of the wire stuck in the other hole.  A normal pipe cleaner is usually too large to work but I have seen the extra small ones for reels advertised somewhere.

joe k

steve...thats what popped into my mind ..couple minutes after getting up and walking away..after posting spool pics...let me know if you can recall where to find small ones...todays pipe cleaners def to big..Joe

joe k

Sal...thanks for your time on this ..really appreciated..anymore input appreciated..take care ..Joe

Midway Tommy

I have used yarn and/or fly tying chenille for the really thin ones. It's main purposes are to prevent slack line from getting in between the rotor & spool, and also as a dust protector. If I use yarn I untwist it and use, as close as possible, the correct strand, or maybe even two. You can run the ends through the holes and tie them together. Maybe not quite as good as original but it works and you be lucky to ever find the original chenille.
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Alto Mare

It wasn't a problem Joe.
If you are going to restore one of these to its original shape, I could see replacing that thread.
But if you are just going to fishing it, I wouldn't worry about it, I would probably just remove it and let it go without it .

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