Akerite advice needed

Started by gstours, October 31, 2021, 10:31:13 PM

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I've got a pair of these a Akerite reels and want to make one goo working on out of another that has some parts missing.    That said how do I get the crank side plate off?   A picture might be a clue as there's a spring loaded small knurled knob that might do something similar to the jigmaster?
    Any help would be appreciated.    Thanks. :)


Yeah, Gary —

Just slip a paper clip under the pull-out button to help a stubborn head plate so you can two-hand rotate it counter-clockwise.

Just similar to a Penn Jigmaster, Squidder, Surfmaster, etc..Actually a stronger take-apart system than a Penn.

Best, Fred
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Wompus Cat

They can be a Bugger Bear as the bakealite swells over the years and makes it damn near impossible to turn . If you are lucky and you get it apart GOOD .If not post back and I will show you how I get them apart with out Damaging them .
TOUGH REELS once you get them working !
### NOTE That Pin unscrews on most of the Pfluegers  then you pull out on it then holding the Reel in you hand with the Handle on the Right side twist Backwards on the side plate .  Do not Pry   on Cross Bars  or the Lil Screw Tab !!!!!!! .
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Tanks y'all,   With your advice and some tapping and spraying the side plate gave up and untwisted just like the jigmaster.   The pen was mightier than the sword 🗡, hammer 🔨.
   These reels seem to be built for fishing them for a lifetime,  and thanks for your advice.     ✅ done.👍🍻

Wompus Cat

There was a Fellow Who lived in Brittan named Schick who built incredibly Strong Houses that would stand the Test of Time .

You Could say those Reels were built a like a Schick  Brit House !
If a Grass Hopper Carried a Shotgun then the Birds wouldn't MESS with Him


Thanks for the good advise, :-* and with it success was achieved.  Both reels had some expeirince in salt water.   One was a gift from a Floridan friend and the other was an e-bay find from the coast of Canada.   Between the two I got one pretty good salmon reel for use in Alaska.
   Soaking with penetrating fluid, tapping, and a prayer,  got both donars to give their good parts to the cause. :)
Seems kinda like a big ambassader inside.  way heavy and overbuild by todays overseas standards.  No plastic.
   If anybody need any parts or the entire leftover cannanibalized reel its free for the shippingcost.....  please inquire,   free.
Frame,sideplates,some screws, springs,main gear,spool,drag star, spiral tube belleville.    free. ???