Started a full cage for the 614

Started by WVHillbilly, August 07, 2022, 07:48:14 PM

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I coulda been somebody...I coulda been a chamfer...Instead of a palooka.   :'(   Dominick
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Quote from: WVHillbilly on September 27, 2022, 11:15:40 PMWeather is cooling down, and bean coming up to speed so I plan to get back on this very soon. I have another chunk of material, but may try to still use the mess up. I may have no real choice but to make a jig to make sure everything stays and locates. My primary screw up was that inside chamfer. I should have left the edge square and dealt with at chamfer later. It was just to allow clearance for the metal side plate rings. Worse case is I turn it into cross bars
I know what you mean about the progression steps .  I should have done this, before i did that. That`s how we end up with prototypes . That`s how we learn to master the craft ..
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Hey Hill Billy! Your seats shouldve arrived- lemme know. Hope you are doing well, brother!!!



Doing fine. Just had zero time to work in my shop. Did manage to make a surf rod storage system for my garage door. Stands are very nice. Thank you!
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