Penn Reels - just as you find them

Started by Superhook, October 30, 2015, 10:43:36 PM

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Hit some of the lure collection sites and search box restoration,  Those folks go crazy over the correct boxes
with lots of fixit info and techniques.
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Crab Pot

Finally got my Penn Senator 10/0 for my collection.

Real happy with it.

That just leaves the big boy, the 16/0 to complete it.
Buy it nice or buy it twice.

Crab Pot

Bought another Long Beach 65 yesterday off the Book of Face for $30.

I bought it because it's the trolling model.

I already had the casting version.

It's cap is 75 yards less and it's spool is an 1/8" wider on the trolling version.

Pretty cool, I'm happy with it but it didn't come with a catalog, wrench, or oil tube.

Buy it nice or buy it twice.



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Crab Pot

Well today was like Christmas Day at my place.

My Penn 259 Live Bait Caster came, Penn Mag Pro 890 came, Mag Pro parts for my 980 came, and last but not least my two vintage boxes came today as well.

The 980 needs a spool but I have a line on one...finally.

Love them all!

The 259 is a sharp little reel and my first true yellow handle of the collection. The side plate art is unique as well.

Just cleaned and lubed everything.

Had to use a life line to set the dog on the 980. Thanks Jason and Sheridan!


Buy it nice or buy it twice.