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Reel Repair by Alan Tani
March 24, 2019, 05:11:49 AM *
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 on: Today at 05:03:43 AM 
Started by Carnster - Last post by conchydong
Wahoo are always tricky even when your tackle works properly. An inch of slack and a headshake and gone. When I have to handline (usually long shock leaders) I try to put the line being brought in back into the water for safety reasons. Just have to keep it away from the motor(s). If you get tangled in the mono laying on the deck and a big fish runs it could be ugly. Also the water keeps it from tangling somewhat.
Nice Mackerels!


 on: Today at 04:38:18 AM 
Started by Black Pearl - Last post by Fishamen7
Teal would be nice to match the Cortez 9/0 plates

 on: Today at 04:30:36 AM 
Started by Alto Mare - Last post by Alto Mare
A little while back I got a little surprise, most of my TSI 21 was gone.
I usually store these in a large container with a few others and have a bad habit of losing the cap.
The TSI 21 tilted at some point and lost half of the container...this stuff isn't cheap.
I decided to make a little something to keep everything up straight

I understand you guys might have better ways then me, I wanted to put this ou, just in case.
No need to purchase anything, I'm sure most have some type of container they could use.



 on: Today at 04:20:02 AM 
Started by Carnster - Last post by Carnster

Lost a good wahoo when my Penn Senator failed. When I got home I tightened the side knob and it seems to work again.
I guess I stripped some of the thead on it.

 on: Today at 03:47:10 AM 
Started by mhc - Last post by Reel 224
Yes the expense is high if you don't have work for it.


 on: Today at 03:27:31 AM 
Started by mhc - Last post by mhc
I have a feeling you could make anything you want, just by using hand tools.

I can't help but wonder what you would come up with if you started from scratch and built your own reel.

Thanks Sal & Dom, It would be nice to be able to make a complete reel and while it's true a lot of the basic parts can be made with simple tools, making precise components like side plates and spools need precision and control that is way beyond my crude capabilities, unfortunately!  Sad  
I'll need to leave that to grown-up professionals with the expertise and machining equipment needed, people here like Tom H, Alan C  and of course Robert Janssen, who have all made complete reels.

If and when I get the time I'm going to setup my work shop in the basement with my son so I can start milling things.    

Sounds good Joe, I would love a lathe and milling machine but can't seem to justify buying them (and the tooling) to experiment on a couple of reels a year.  Undecided



 on: Today at 03:17:29 AM 
Started by Black Pearl - Last post by RowdyW
Alan, silver & red will probably be the best sellers. I'll need at least 3 of each for the 6/0-9/0.         Rudy

 on: Today at 02:58:17 AM 
Started by alantani - Last post by Squidder77
 Thanks Don. I only fish from shore. I love just being on the beach or fishing off the rocks. I kinda use a rotation of reels. Currently Im using a Squidder and a surf master that are both static magged, a 180 baymaster, a 155, a 350 level line, a peerless 9m and I also have few Garcia Mitchell 302 a 408 and 406. Along with some other Daiwa spinning reels. Im currently looking for a new setup for small sharks and rays. Just not sure if I want conventional or spinning. Hows fishing in Australia?

 on: Today at 02:40:58 AM 
Started by Superhook - Last post by 54bullseye
I think he is done with it LOL !!!! Grin   John Taylor

 on: Today at 01:44:09 AM 
Started by Penn Chronology - Last post by 1badf350
At the fishing flea market i was at yesterday i found another 50s era 12/0 with sleeve bearings. It was full of modern braid. Price was right so i took it home. Stripped the old line of and found.....three piece spool with part number LOL.

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