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Quote from: Wompus Cat on Today at 04:44:46 PMThe ONLY way to get the shaft out on this without removing the Slider would be to cut it in Half.
BTW the main gear comes right out no problemo .

 I've never seen that on any older/cheaper Shimano,
unless the pinion bearing is frozen, or it's a rear-drag shaft w/ crossbar
(or really old 80's model w/ permanent spool-cam on shaft)
sometimes, shaft+slider has to be at highest oscillation, for best wiggle-room
Fishing Tips and Techniques / Re: Creek Pond
Last post by philaroman - Today at 04:52:30 PM
1) panfish in tiny streams, generally plateau & never even come close to max size potential 

2) if gator wasn't too hungry, it may have killed the carp & stashed them to "ripen"...  easier to swallow 
Quote from: ReelClean on Today at 08:52:16 AMI haven't struck many yet that you couldn't get the shaft out in one piece, but you always have to remove the pinion gear and it's supporting bearing/bush and that allows the shaft enough movement to tilt clear of the body and slide out the back.  In fact, often you can't get the main gear and the (usually) stuck-to-the-shaft bearing out of the RH sideplate without displacing the shaft out of normal alignment. Is this one different?  YEPPER !!!!

The ONLY way to get the shaft out on this without removing the Slider would be to cut it in Half.
BTW the main gear comes right out no problemo .

Maybe we are refering to differnt parts here .
The Shaft (what the Spool Fits On) has a piece (pictured above ) in this thread is which  attached to it with 2 screws and without removing them you just ain't gonna get the shaft out of the frame. And you ain't gonna get those 2 screws out without removeing the 2  long pinds from the back of the housing which line everything up withe the worm gear and pawl holding slider thingamajig.
Well built Reel with lots of bearings and gaskets but piece of CRAP pot metal Slider is it's Achilles Heel .
Fishing Tips and Techniques / Creek Pond
Last post by jgp12000 - Today at 04:29:54 PM
A few years ago I was having some mini-x work done cutting a path behind the house to our creek. I asked the guy to dig out the creek a bit deeper and wider. I have been moving small bream over from the pond from time to time, last week I stocked 100 more Coppernose Bream in the big pond and kept out 2 males and 3 females for the creek pond,I am curious how big they will get. I feed them daily by hand, we have an automatic feeder in the big pond that goes off twice a day with Aquamax feed. It's hard to tell in the pics but the creek pond is clear and water stays cool  year round.This morning I saw a cotton mouth and I found 2 dead carp in the big pond, then saw gator may have been the culprit?
Asbestos is a carcinogen. Especially if you breathe dust from it. Those washers have good heat resistance, but don't seem to respond to drag grease application as well as carbon fiber. There can be "start-up" issues with asbestos as well. You know, when pulling pressure is first applied and the drag resists functioning as it should until too much pressure finally causes it to turn. Also carbon fiber washers seem to work so much better with the addition of Drag grease, than the asbestos washers.
greased carbon fiber is the way to go.  the old drag washers will start sticking immediately.   :-\
Quote from: David Hall on Today at 02:46:17 PMGear is all packed and ready to go just need to grab some 60# flouro for the just in case thats what is working. and maybe reconsider bringing a 25# rig  :d

swing by the house as soon as you can.  need to start getting things loaded.  i could also use a hand getting the 3rd row seat out of the vehicle.  it's not that heavy, just an awkward size for one person. 
Penn University / Re: Video with Searcher Sportf...
Last post by alantani - Today at 04:07:15 PM
nice video! i wish my shoulders would allow me to fish with these.  to bad rotator cuffs....   ;D
Quote from: MarkT on Today at 02:43:54 PMYes, I'm taking Randy's slot.

Cool :) and sad :(  at the same time...will take you up on the rubber band offer.

You're welcome to use any of my available vintage or spinner rigs in the racks at any stop.  ;D

See you Friday AM!!!